Thursday, July 20, 2006


Kevin Smiths Clerks from 1994 is hilarious! Made for about 27,000$US it has became a modern day classic. What's it about? Conveniencestore clerks talking shit for the main part. And it's funny too! Resently (well, more like last year I think) a ten year anniversary 3 disc special edition that is a must-have in all DVD collections were released. If you haven't seen this film, you should do it now! The trailer does of course feature Jay and Silent Bob, who in 2001 got their own movie with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Download trailer here, 5,5Mb.

Also check out the official site for Clerks 2 coming this summer. It has some awsome trailers. You should also check out View Askews homepage, which has links to KS's own store where you can buy signed items/DVD's. Pretty cool!

The Clerks trailers was actualy so popular that in 1998 some Star Wars fans made a parody on it, creating Trooper Clerks. It recreates the Clerks trailer shot by shot. The same people has later made a couple of animated episodes of Trooper Clerks. Check them all out at the official site.

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