Sunday, August 06, 2006

DVD Recommendation: Mondo Macabro's Virgins From Hell

Well, it more the second disk of this Special Edition from Mondo Macabro that I am thinking of: Destination: Jakarta. The disk has a collection of 21 trailers from the Indonesian studio Rapi Films, and features trailers from a wide angle of genres. From crazy supernatural adventures, to war movies, to WIP films, chicks with guns, revenge flicks, demons, and martial arts! The Indonesians certainly have been productive over the years, that’s for sure.

The trailers on the disk are:

- The Snake Queen
- The Devil's Sword
- The Warrior
- The Warrior And The Ninja
- The Warrior Against The Blind Swordsman
- The Blind Warrior
- Virgins From Hell
- Escape From Hell Hole
- Blazing Battle
- Hell Raiders
- Tiger Commandos
- Freedom Force
- Daredevil Commandos
- The Terrorists
- Final Score
- Violent Killer
- Bloody Vengeance
- Revenge Of Ninja
- Primitives
- Slave Of Satan
- Mystics In Bali

Many of the films stars the legend of Indonesian cinema, Barry Prima. This fellow made between 20-30 films in about 20-25 years, and established himself as one of the greates action heroes in his home country. Probably best known for his role as Jaka Sembung, aka. The Warrior.

The quality of the trailers is pretty good, considering that the age and budget these film were made of. Most are taken from a VHS copy. All but one (Slave of Satan) have English soundtrack. All in all a decent disk. Length is about 70 minutes.

The disk also has a documentary on Indonesian exploitation cinema, and features interviews with directors, actors, producers, films critics, etc. and is a very interesting little piece. Only thing bad about it, is that it is too short, with only 25 minutes.

Destination: Jakarta is worth the buy if you’re interested in an alternative to the slick films of Hollywood. It is only available in the Virgins from Hell release.

And as a "bonus", you get Virgins from Hell ;) A great film about an all girl biker gang, dressed in leather hot pants (you got to love hot pants!), lots of guns, fighting, etc. You won't be bored!

This is my favourite of all the trailers! Laserbeams shooting from hands, crocodile men, flying stones, crocodile spitting flames AND laserbeams!!! That's all I'm gonna say.

Check it out here, 12,8Mb.

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