Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Did you post your comment today?!

Thanks to you guys who have been posting comments lately, it's nice to see that someone appreciate the work I'm doing here :D

If you download a trailer, even if you don't like it, let me know! Comments are always nice to get. It takes time to run this blog, and the only "payment" I get is the comments, so... make one!


What else? Let's see... I'm planning to put a whole bunch of giallo-trailers some time soon. I have at the moment about 30 ready to go. Other plans I have include: Sergio Leone, Ed Wood, spaghetti westerns, cannibal flicks, snuff, video nasties, and some DVD recommendations. Maybe some comedies... who knows ;)

So check back regularly.

Coming this friday: Friday the 13th, and the 3rd Secret Friday!


  1. Yummie, the trailer of Zombi3 makes the film look like it really was worth watching - isn't that the essence of any good trailer?
    On the other hand, if I haven't been fooled by newly generated promotion material too often, most late 70s and 80s Italian trailers seem to me more like short showreels that edit together the films' highlights and tend to give away far too much. I don't really mind that as I know most of the films anyway but I personally really dig those artfully composed trailers from yore with all their colourful graphics and sonorously narrated voiceovers. Sometimes, if done really well, it almost seems as if they were little pieces of art in their own right.

    Nice additions, Jon, your posts just lured me into fetching my copy of Luca il contrabbandiere and watch it tonight. :D

  2. Ah yes, and looking forward to the things to come, esp. the giallos ;-)

  3. You're right about that the old trailers give away way to much of the films, but as you say: they are little pieces of art! One just have to be carefull when seeing them: don't see it before the film itself :P

    Todays trailers are all the same. Take horror for example: they are all alike, lots of (very) short cuts, "scary" music, a voiceover telling us it's all a nightmare for little Sally and her friends...yada yada yada.

    And Zombie 3 is probably one of my favourite zombie-flicks! It's just so awfully bad that it is good!

  4. I really like Luca! *lol*

    I couldn't agree more with you on modern trailers - most of them look like they've been thrown together using some Hollywood-approved construction kit. And don't forget about those fancy fadeouts to black and the inevitable final jump-scare! I think the guys on the dvdmaniacs forum once had a lively discussion on that topic.

    However, I have to give credit to some more recent trailers that cross my mind, even if I thought the films themselves were pretty awful: "Face Off" and "Resident Evil" had nicely done trailers with material shot exclusively for the trailer presentation. That was a pretty nice touch.

  5. Contraband/Luca il contrabandiere is a great film! One of my favourite Fulci films, on the top 5 list.

    Haven't seen the Face/Off or RE trailers, but it's always great when someone makes a trailers with footage made specially for it. (I've posted a couple of those: Monsters inc, and Austin Powers)