Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday The 13th

I'm really starting to believe there is a curse on friday the 13th. When I tried to rip this trailer I got no audio. So I tried to change the settings from mp3 to ac3 audio, then the program crashed. Finally I had to use a different program, one that I'm not that fond of, to get it done.

Friday the 13th is probably the mother of all American slasherfilms, and has spawned like 10 sequels, everyone worse than the other.

If you want to see a real slasher, check out Mario Bavas A Bay Of Blood, the film that Friday pretty much get all its plot and killing methods from!

Anyway, I'm gonna see this film tonight, accompanied with lots of delicious beer. How about you?

Check it out here, 9Mb.

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