Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ghost World

This is an great trailer for Terry Zwigoffs 2001 adaptation of the underground comic by the same name, made by Daniel Clowes. One of the cool things in it is that it also features footage from a Bollywood production called Gumnaam (Raja Nawathe, 1965), from one of the dancing/siniging scenes. The song Jaan Pehechan Ho is sung by Mohammed Rafi.

A little trivia I found here: In the theatrical trailer, when Seymour is asked by Enid if he would go out with anyone, he says "As long as she's breathing". In the movie, he replies with a non-comedic answer.

I just love the last line in this trailer! If you want to know what that is, check it out here, 7,48Mb. (The trailer has chinese subtitles.)

If you like the Gumnaam footage, you can check out the whole scene here (about 55Mb .mov) or a better copy here [direct download] (121Mb .mpg).

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