Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lucio Fulci Wave #3

The third wave of Lucio Fulci trailers is upon you, enjoy them here.

The fourth (and last) group of trailers will most likely come some time this week. Be sure to check the site the coming friday... the 13th!


  1. Thanks for these additions, lots of fun!

    Three things the trailers reminded me of:
    1) Conquest features some of the foggiest and darkest photography that has ever seen the face of the planet. Luckily, the superimposed arrows and lots of naked shots of Siani compensate for those shortcomings.
    2) I need to get Murderock even though it is basically the only Fulci movie I have never felt the urge of buying myself a copy of after all these years. Heck, I even taped some of his early comedies from RAI 1...
    3) My dislike for Bethmann's hundred installments of his X-Rated/X-NK/X-Gabu/CCI video company has just grown again after seeing what I suppose was his usual homemade trailer plus cheesy video-generated title for Murderock. :D

    Two thumbs up for your work, Jon!

  2. Thanks kommissarx! Appreciate the comments!

    The R1 dvd of Murder Rock from Shriek Show is really good, would recommend it if you're gonna buy it. If only the film had been good to... I'm genereally a fan of Fulci's giallos, but this one is a real stinker. Except for a little cool camerawork everything is pretty awful. But the extras on the disc is worth the small price of the dvd (that is, if you're a Fulci fan).

  3. Thx for the recommendation, just rechecked the specifications and this disc really seems like a winner.

    As probably many people out there I got attracted to Italian cinema by the better-known works of Argento, Martino and Fulci. But it was and still is as much - if not more - fun to hunt down those hidden Euro-gems that wait to be rediscovered. Fortunately, there has so much been going on in the field of cult movies during the last few years - no comparison to the pre-DVD-era where you really felt like an adventurous pioneer when you finally managed to secure a copy of, let's say, a Pupi Avati film.

  4. I remember when I first got into the horror-genre. Looking through catalogs from a Swedish company who had all the good shit. Think Tenebrae was one of the first I ordered. Must admit it was much more fun back then to order films, it's just to easy these days... but I kinda like it too! Even if my wallet doesn't ;)

  5. Exactly the same here for me :)

    The general availabilty of genre movies is fantastic, also the quality of most releases has improved considerably. Paradoxically it's a bit of a pity though, that most holy grails of one's early collector's years are only a few clicks away nowadays. Yet, considering how often I would end up spending money on some shoddy import 4th generation full screen tape with big fat Greek subtitles or something like that, I feel we are really blessed today :D