Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Onar Films Update

For those of you that has visited the official Onar Films site the last day or so will see that Bill has given us som updates on the upcoming release of the Turkish double-bill. Copied straight from the source (it looks bad, but I'm to lazy to fix it):

Hi there!I thought this is a good time to start the
chronicle of my new release.I'm talking about a double-bill dvd with 2 early
70's Turkish HORROR movies.The first is ASKA SUSAYANLAR SEKS VE CINAYET meaning THIRSTY FOR LOVE SEX AND MURDERAnd the 2nd is OLULER KONUSMAZ KI meaning THE DEAD DON'T TALK. Back in May, I was romantic and foolish enough to believe I could get this out in June or July the latest!And everything looked so simple and well calculated...Early May, I sent the 2 films for subtitling to the person that did 3 Dev Adam's subs, in Istanbul. He was the one who had fallen from the 4th floor in the elevator, remember?And he promised me, full of
certainty, that both movies would be ready at the end of May, ok?At the
same time, I sent money to a good friend in Istanbul to get a few interviews for
me and he promised he would finish them at the end of May. Then he would just
hand them to my translator and they would be ready early June.Meanwhile, the
studio here was ready to work on the material of the 2 movies, do some
remastering from the dvd-rs the Turks had sent me etc....So, according to these
simple facts the dvd would be out late June or July the latest...BUT...... I
forgot 1 crucial thing...The DEVIL had not forgotten about me!! He still wanted
to send me to hell and back again a few more times...SO....1- My translator
disappears all of a sudden!!! No emails no answering my calls, no nothing!!
...2- My friend with the interviews disappears too till September!!!...3- The
studio here tells me they can't work with the dvd-rs of the movies and they need
the betamasters....
AND....1- ...I manage to relocate another friend in
Istanbul- the one who was attacked and wounded by gangsters and was hiding away
for months, remember?? So, this blessed man finds me another translator and
promises I'll have the subs in 10 days...2- ...The same friend above manages to
contact the interview guy who confesses he had had various accidents in the
summer and was bloody busy with personal projects. He also said the actors and
directors I wanted interviewed were super hard to find and get
talking!....3- ...All the producers asked for lots of extra money to lend me
their betamasters ALTHOUGH our contracts clearly mention that they MUST lend
them to me! And I'm talking about 10 movies, ok??...
FINALLY...1- ...I got
the subs for the 2 movies 3 days ago BUT they proved disasterous for many
technical reasons!! No way to work with them!!...2- ...The interview guy just
announced he actually prepared the interviews for this release!!!!...3- ... My
BLESSED friend, my SAVIOUR, managed to get ALL BETAMASTERS and make HIGH QUALITY
AND NOW...1- ... My SAVIOUR just found the BEST
subtitling studio in Istanbul and in 2 days he will give them the movies and in
a couple of weeks the latest the subs WILL BE definitely ready!2- ...From
day to day the interview guy will hand the interviews to my SAVIOUR and he
will forward them for subs too which means that in about 20 days the blody
interviews will be 100% ready!3- ...In 4-5 days the betamasters will be in my
hands and then straight to the studio for the best remastering
**The quality of ASKA SUSAYANLAR... is not perfect of course but
very good, given ONAR's standards. It's a colour film and apart from some
scratches the colours will be quite good and the picture clear enough. In other
words, the quality will be MUCH MUCH BETTER than 3 DEV ADAM's.**## The quality
of OLULER... will be EVEN BETTER. Remember the quality of KILINK STRIP AND
KILL?? Well, it looks like it will be even better, which means ALMOST excellent.
It's a b/w film that has never been out on vhs nor vcd not dvd nor even aired on
tv, so the original print was found to be almost intact. I feel really proud of
This should mean that at the end of
November the blasted and bloody and cursed DVD will definitely be out!I will get
back here for the latest developments next week. Ciao!Bill

This is GREAT news! I'm really looking forward to this release! I you haven't checked out the trailer for ASKA SUSAYANLAR... check it out here.

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