Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Changed the template...again + DVD news

Yes, time for a new look to the site. I'm still not happy with the look, but I like this better than the previous one.

In other news, it looks like that the Smut Palace Insanity from Ban 1 Productions is going to be shipped sometime next week! I've been waiting for over two months for this trailer collection, so I'm pretty excited now.

Also on the order is the Cumming Soon! collection from Lucky Banana.

And last, the resently released Shock DVD 66 Trailers, a collection of, you guessed right - 66 trailers. It's released by Italian Shock and features trailers from films they've released on DVD. It's a mix of Asian and Italian trailers/films.

All can be ordered from the best shop on the net: Xploited Cinema


  1. Thanks for the information on those trailer compilations. I also dug the DOTD trailer comparison. The closing information on the American version is a hoot: "There is no explicit sex in this picture. However there are scenes of violence..." You've gotta love a country that feels the need to sort things out like that ;)

    Btw: I like your new template, I think it's easier on the eyes.

  2. Thanks! I'll probably keep this template a while. I'd like to get one that is more trailer/film-ish, but until someone makes one, I'll stick to this... maybe I'll change to the green version just for kicks :P