Tuesday, November 07, 2006

YouTube Trailer: Hostel part II

A teaser for Eli Roths Hostel part II is out and it is pretty sweet. I kinda liked the first part: okey, not an original story or good actors and all that (it's a teen horror, what do you expect?), but it had lots of gore and shit! And I like lots of gore and shit. I looooooove it!

I like the fact that the voice-over in this teaser is in German, I think it's a nice and unusual touch for an American horror flick. It starts with a very short introduction by Roth himself.

Check it out:

Although I'm not that big a fan of YouTube trailers (I prefer the ones that I can download to my HD), I'll from time to time put up one here, most of them will be for films that hasn't been released in the theater yet.

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