Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Prevues has been 6 months online!

Six months anniversary!

Six months ago, on the 6th of June, Prevues of Coming Attractions opened for business. It's now gone six months, so this has to be celebrated. Wohoo!

Last friday, I tried to upload a Secret Friday but I forgot it and went to see old Disney classics and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. The next day I was going to upload a couple of trailers, but Blogger wasn't working. Why am I telling you all this? Because this is the 66th post, on the day of the 6 months anniversary. The site opened 06.06.06... can you see the signs?! 666 two times! It's the devils work I tell you, the Devil!!! And I don't want to make the devil angry, so here are The Omen trailers for you. Both the 1976 and 2006 versions (from YouTube. Sorry, but I don't have better versions):

1976 (Richard Donner)

2006 (John Moore)

Also check out this teaser for the 2006 version, it's pretty nice!

But now for the real goodies! I've picked seven (yes, seven!) wonderful trailers for you to watch. Why not six and go with the whole 666 thing I've got going? I don't know... but seven is better than six!

First up is George Lucas' American Graffiti. An old classic that you just have to see if you haven't already. Shows that the man can make other stuff than just Star Wars ;). A funny buddy/last-night-with-the-gang film. Here, at 8,78Mb.

No night is fulfilled without some insane actionpacked Asian action. Who but John Woo can fulfill the need?! The Killer (with English subs) here, at 13,9Mb.

And you just got to have some old 70's exploitation. She-Devils on Wheels here, only 4,95Mb.

This is just insane. Vampires that suck their vitims dry for blood, and then the victims become zombies (what?!). And it has Peter Cushing as Van Helsing (who else?!) and some crazy assed Kung Fu. Enjoy this litte weirdo here, 7,83Mb.

A classic spaghetti western from Sergio Corbucci, starring Franco Nero as the lone gunslinger Django. A fun fact is that this film made Nero so popular in Germany, that pretty much all his films over the next few decades was renamed to something that had Django in the title! Django can be seen here, 10Mb.

Make them die Slowly, or Cannibal Ferox as it is better known. If you haven't seen this film and plan to see it: don't watch this trailer! It reveals all of the gory parts. All of it! But if you want a sort of best-of-Cannibal-Ferox short version, this is the one to go for! I also find it very interesting that it is a woman that does the voice-over. That is something I've seldom heard and seen in a trailer, I think it might be the first time. And watch out for the opening warning, awsome! Here, at 14,7Mb.

Last, but not least: Kiss me Quick! A sexploitation from the 60's featuring lots of naked female breasts, Frankenstein, and our old pal Dracula! You have to see this one. Because of the nudity I'm not hosting this on my regular server, but I've uploaded it here, 9,45Mb. It should have been some vintage porn, but I don't have anything on my HD at the moment, but this is pretty sweet!

Update 9th desember: Kiss Me Quick! can also be found here, on RapidShare.

Enjoy these small gems from the world of trailers. I hope to see you the next six months!


  1. Here's to the next 6 months! Can't keep up with watching all those wonderful gems. Secret Friday #7 had me speechless - somebody get me a pair of pajamas, quick!

    Would you mind uploading "Kiss me quick" to rapidshare or to another place? Megaupload keeps telling me there are no download slots available. Thanks!

  2. Thanks!

    Weird about Megaupload... but I'll get it up on RapidShare pretty soon ;) Anything for my #1 fan :D

  3. *lol* Thanks, mate!