Thursday, December 28, 2006


As you can see, I've made some updates to the site. Nothing radical, but I cleaned up a little in the links section, and added a few elements. I'm going to try out Google Adsense for a while... maybe I can make a few bucks so that I can buy an extra trailer-dvd once in a while. So click on those ads ;)

A little information on what's coming the next year:
  • Cannibals
  • Spaghetti Westerns
  • Ed Wood
  • Freddy Kruger
  • Snuff
  • Giallos
  • Vintage XXX
  • Video Nasties
  • DVD Recommendations
  • Funny Wednesdays
  • Secret Fridays
  • ...and more.

I'm also thinking about making a DVD with the trailers I've put up on the site. First a giallo compilation (I've got 30 at the moment), and then a "Prevues..." comp. But I need a good program (preferably a freeware), so if you know of any: let me know!

I'm also gonna put up a few music compilations. Im thinking about a couple of giallo-themed comps, and one with music used in the trailers I've put up.

I'm probably not gonna post more trailers this year, but who knows.... Stay tuned! And a happy new year to all of you! :D

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