Friday, January 19, 2007

The Godfather Trilogy

I thought that it was time to post another trilogy, it's been a while since last time. And who better than The Godfather trilogy?! The best crime/mafia/gangster films of all time! If you haven't seen these films... then I feel sorry for you. Really sorry.

Part I, 10,4Mb. If you haven't seen this film, you probably shouldn't see this trailer, because it pretty much retells the entire story through the use of stillframes from the film. Only at the end is there live footage.

Part II, 12Mb. This trailer starts with about a minute telling us about all the Academy Awards it won (6!). And it deserved all of them. One of the few sequells, IMO, that is better than the first.

Part III, 12,9Mb. This trailer starts with about a minute of footage from the first two parts. Many people have said that this film ain't as good as the first two, that it shouldn't have been made at all, and so on... DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!!! This is a great film. Enough said! Voice-over by Don LaFontaine!

These trailers are an offer you can't refuse!


  1. Would you ever switch to youtube for hosting trailer videos? The quality is worse, but it makes things a lot easier to watch. I'm not sure how strict they are with trailers, though. I've only uploaded a few to them:

    Demented Death Farm Massacre

  2. I've thought about it. But as you say, the quality isn't that good. I also like the idea that one can save the trailer to one's harddrive and see them whenever one feels like it. Seeing it on youtube just isn't the same.