Thursday, March 08, 2007

Latest from Onar Films

Here's the latest news from Onar Films:

MARCH 6- 2007
Damn! The devil won't even allow me to narrate my new sufferings!!I spent 30 minutes typing and suddenly, everything disappeared!!So, I'm giving you the super short version of the new devil-opements...............................................1)The authoring guy took 10 days to give me the master2) While coming to meet me his car broke down in the highway and he delayed 2 hours3) After a whole night's checking I spotted some crucial problems/errors4) He promised he would fix them the next day5) After 7 days of non-stop new problems, he gave me the new final and checked master6) I was clever enough to check everything all over again, so I found out a new major error that wasn't there in the previous master sample7) The guy said it's my dvd player that doesn't play it ok and the factory would fix it before pressing it8) Today the factory told me the master is a big goddamn mess AND the authoring must be done all over again AND they want the master in DLT format instead of DVD as our written agreement said AND I must pay them an extra 400 euros to convert it AFTER the authoring is done all over again9) The authoring guy promised(ha ha!) he will give me a new master this weekend.I'll be waiting, while drinking bottles of greek red wine and dozens of seductive tablets and polishing my shotguyn..........................................................And here's the cover of my new dvd TURKISH SUPERMAN DOUBLE BILL:

And the overall specifics:
The most talked-about cult film of all times comes from Turkey! Defying criticism, ignoring “obstacles” and aiming at the heart it will disarm you willy- nilly! The print found, was not perfect of course but the final result is super- good compared to the usual bootlegs.
A super- obscure 1973 Turkish superhero giant, with a… Super-Bat-Man so to speak! Also featuring a wheelchaired transvestite super- villain, Fu Manchu, Bikini leathal babes plus more! The master was found in very good condition for a Turkish film!
Country: TurkeyYear: 1: 1979, 2: 1973Director: 1: Kunt Tulgar, 2: Tunc BasaranActors: 1: Tayfun Demir, Yildirim Gencer, Gungor Bayrak 2: Huseyin Zan, Altan Gunbay, Kayhan Yildizoglu
1200 numbered copies
Turkish audio, Dolby Stereo
English & Greek subtitles
Colour (1), B/W (2), 4:3
Interview (Kunt Tulgar)
Bios, Filmos
TrailersSo far, I can say I'm in a smooth way and it should be ready by the end of the month!Simultaneously, I'm preparing KARANLIK SULAR which has to be ready by the end of March or early April the latest!More, next week, with final(??) news on TURKISH HORROR DOUBLE BILL.
Let's hope that both comes pretty soon with no more delays... they are gonna rock! Stay tuned for the Superman trailer.

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