Monday, March 05, 2007

Short Film: Revenge of the Thai-Bow Master

This is a shot film that I and a couple of buddys made in the summer of 2001. It's a no-budget-no-skills-never-used-a-videocamera-before-and-edited-with-a-freeware-program-after-we-transfered-the-footage-to-a-computer-with-way-to-low-resolution-film. Oh, and we have no skills within acting or martial arts.... Enjoy :D

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  1. Just watched it again, great fun! Those sound effects and music are outrageous. "Hit! Kick!! Ooowwwww!!!" Can't stop repeating those lines, my friends will hate you for that :D Reminds me that even the dubbing on some of those old UK tapes of Italian cult films is worse ;)
    Your other stuff on youtube is very amusing as well, that Finnish disco exercise video is hilarious.

  2. Thanks!

    The music was actually made by one of my friends, the dark haired one in the film (I'm the other one).

    The sound effects and dubbing was made in one take. We just had a book each and tried to hit it everytime we did it in the film. And about the hit/kick: if you listen carefully, you'll notice that we have no controll on when we say hit or kick... "kick" when we say hit, etc. If I can get my friends to do it, a new film in the Thai-Bow Chronicles will be made this summer.

  3. Yeah, the saga continues! Make it stay in the same vein (that is over-the-top dubbing, violence for violence's sake and all that ;) and I am sure you will have a winner! Well, or at least you're gonna have a lot of fun.

  4. fun is the keyword here man, quality comes second. Although it will probably have much better production quality... but violence, dubbing, "effects" etc will be much the same! otherwise it wouldn't be Thai-Bow!