Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Nightmare on Elm Street Series

Okey, time to release Freddy Kruger on you! Here's the trailers/teasers for the A Nighmare on Elm Street films, except the first in the series, and the last chapter Freddy vs. Jason. The first one you can't have because I'm for some strange reason not able to rip it to DivX. Weird. Freddy vs. Jason I just don't have the DVD for... but there is a thing called Youtube! The six trailers/teasers you get, is all packed into one .rar-file here, at only 28,5Mb.

This one is the absolutely best of them all! Great stuff! Footage made just for the teaser/trailer. Awsome. One of my alltime favourites :D

This is also a nice little trailer I think. Like the whole documentarything going on.

Freddy vs. Jason

Not a very good movie, but it has it's moments...

And remember, whatever you do: don't fall asleep!

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