Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Three more trailers

I finally finished shooting a studentfilm I'm involved with, only editing left... so here's three trailers for your amusement.

Also, there's been a little change in the design, or rather: I changed the template. It's ok for now. Not the best, but it's nice. A little summerfeeling about it I think.

And if you haven't seen it, Prevues has reached over 4000 visitors! That is awsome! Thanks to all of you who has visited the site, and especially you who visits on a regular basis :D

Day of the dead (teaser), 3,62Mb. Romeros third film in the Dead-series.

Two Evil Eyes, 5,04Mb. The cooperation between Romero and Argento, based on Edgar Allan Poe stories.

Primitives, 7,49Mb. An Indonesian cannibalflick that apparently has no devouring of human flesh in it... read more about it here over at WWC.


  1. Hi Jon, nice to hear another film of yours is taking shape. I guess this time we can expect lots of sock knitting Norwegian grannies, endlessly smoking pipes and debating the cultural significance of Ibsen's "Vildanden" :D

    Primitives made my jaw drop when I first saw the opening credits - they put "Wir sind die Roboter" by Kraftwerk over the standard jungle exposition shots. Unfitting as it is, I am not exactly sure about that royalty thing...

  2. it's a little different than Ibsen, thank god. When it's finished it'll probably be uploaded to

    Primitives is great. Pretty nasty sequence with the aligator...