Monday, June 25, 2007

DVD News: Trailer-Rama, Volume 1

A new trailer compilation has been released. Info from Vincent, the guy behind it:

Specs are: $20 by money order or cash to:
Vince Cornelius 231 East Street Caledonia,Ohio 43314-9494

2 Hours "Cooked"/Pressed/Tranfered to Verbatim Digital M DVD-Rs which look like movie reels but the processing/transfer is just the same as a regular DVD. Slipsleeve and keepcase. Additional drive in clips. Full menus in which you can watch one or all.

It is available now only as a 500 Limited Edition Volume 2 coming October 2007.

To bad he doesn't tale Paypal, then I would have bought it. If someone have this, let me know if it's worth taking the extra trouble getting.

And if this should find its way to the internett, please let me know ;)


  1. extra trouble?
    you go to the corner store get a 75 cent money order and a stamp. then mail in 20 bucks. hard?

    if i find this video on the internet i'm kicking ass and taking names.

    i have 2 clips on youtube.

    editor/dvd author of trailer-rama

  2. Yes, extra trouble. I live in Norway --> Extra trouble. Paypal is free, and it takes 10 minutes to open an account. Why not just make one? I would have ordered the disc in 5 minutes. And I guess others would have done the same. Money order and cash is easy (I guess) in USA, but is "extra trouble" for others.

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