Thursday, July 05, 2007

Onar Films finally releases TURKISH SUPERMAN

Finally, it's here. Go here, or here (ebay) to order it.

More good news from Grece:

And a few announcements:
1) I have found a new studio for my dvd authoring and remastering work. They will also take care of the subtitles. This means that I can now:2) ....Release 1 dvd per month! You don't believe it, huh? Neither do I.But it all looks possible what with the new studio and my new dvd release mentality which is:3) No more double bills!! ONLY SINGLE-MOVIE DVD'S from now on! Why??...Because:a- More trouble to handle 2 movies and relevant extras and subs etc, meaning more time, meaning if I want to stick to 1 DVD per month I must forget double-bills and adopt SINGLE MOVIE DVD's.b- One film per dvd means lower costs overall which of course means a SERIOUS DROP ON RETAIL & WHOLESALE PRICES by at least 2 euro, maybe 3, per dvd!!c-The 2nd movie on each double-bill was actually overshadowed and undergraded by the 1st, "main" attraction. Example, DEMIR YUMRUK DEVLER GELIYOR & OLULER KONUSMAZ KI deserved their own unique dvd's. Same with the "main attractions". So 1 movie on its very own DVD from now on!
4) So, for the moment this is the line-up I have in mind:Early August: KARANLIK SULAREarly September: TARZAN ISTANBUL'DAEarly October: CASUS KIRAN (SPY SMASHER)And then?? Hmm, why don't YOU give me ideas? Perhaps MASKELI SEYTAN? I'm happy to announce that I have secured the FULLY UNCUT VERSION!!! It includes tons of nudity! Even the credits were cut, but now my NEW credits offer some hefty nudity as well!Or maybe some other title? You just know what I have in stock if you check my youtube trailers, ok?

Check out for more info.

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