Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quentin Tarantinos "My Best Friend´s Birthday"

Quentin Tarantinos first (and unfinished) film, "My Best Friend´s Birthday" (1987). It was shot on 16mm, but was never finished. Many of the elements from this film was later used in the script for "True Romance", penned by QT himself and directed by Tony Scott.

I give you what´s left of the film :)

Size: 512x384
Format: .mp4
Kbps: 1300
Length: 36m 20s

378,7Mb here: deleted by mistake. If you want it, let me know :)

Quality is not the best. I ripped this copy from my DVD-r, that came from a VHS (unknown which generation, maybe 1st or 2nd, who knows), that came from the 16mm.

Anyways, enjoy!

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