Saturday, February 16, 2008

Long time no see...

Sorry for the lack of updates lately... School and other stuff has taken my time :/

Also, I´ve been thinking of quitting the blog... when checking the stats of the people who visits the site, a pretty large number of people stumbles upon it searching for T**** L**** porn (and other porn). I would guess it´s at least 50%... That wasn´t what I had in mind when starting this blog.

But, here a little selection of trailers and also some music for your pleasure (no pictures because I´m lazy;)

The Trailers:

You know the movies...

The D**** In M*** J**** (28,22Mb)
Thought it was time for some more vintage smut ;)

I have ripped a couple of Sergio Martino trailers also, but I have no idea where they are at the moment :P

And now for some music:
This compilation was featured on a trippel dvd set released by NoShame Films. Some great stuff here.

Beretta 70 (69,09Mb)
This is a compilation of music from 70´s Eurocrime films. One of my favourite albums!

A mix of lots of music from Eurocrime films. Made by Johnny Redman of



  1. Now the other 50% will be taken up by people looking for Devil in Miss Jones. LOL I am just joking, Jon. You won't get away so easily :)

  2. Haha, yeah. That´s the downfall with uploading vintage smut ;)

    Will have to see what I do. I´m running out of trailers... I don´t know. Maybe I have to come up with something new.