Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer break!

I'm taking a break for the summer. I really don't have any trailers that I haven't uploaded already, where I am right now. Or anything else for that matter. So I'm taking a break until September. In August, I'm going to South-Africa, Cape Town, to visit my girlfriend! That'll be great!

But I have some plans for the future of Prevues, hopefully you'll all like them :)

First of all, I have plans for a new volume of trailers on DVD. It'll not be another giallo compilation, but it will be within the exploitation genre. Enough said. Check back this fall and you'll see what it'll be ;)

I'm also thinking about quiting uploading just one and one trailer, and instead make small trailershows/episodes, at about 30 minutes of lenght. Each episode will have a theme; a director, a genre, etc. They will be in iPod/mp4 format, high quality. I thought about just making them in low-quality, since you don't need high for wathing them on an iPod, but making the in high-quality others who don't have iPods can also watch them. I think the resolution will be 600pixels wide or something. They will come about once a month, at least. Maybe some specials. We'll see.

Short/feature films/documentaries, and maybe TV-shows, will also be uploaded if I find them interesting. You should expect some Turkish mayhem this fall ;)

Now I'll just lay back, have a cold one, and just relax! (...and maybe fix the design and layout of this blog. Especially the links-section will get a makeover...)
Have a great summer guys! And keep spreading the gospel of Prevues ;)


  1. Another trailer dvd sounds very exciting to me. Can't get enough of that stuff. Wish you a great vacation and a glorious return in autumn!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the new format.