Friday, December 19, 2008

Prevue of Volume 2: Blaxploiteasin'

The DVD cover for Volume 2, Blaxploiteasin'!!! Once again, Stian Andrè (who made the cover for Vol. 1) has made a smooth cover! It's not finished yet, but as you can see, it'll be great! He also came up with the title, which I really like :)

The sad news about Volume 2, is that I'm not gonna be able to finish it this year... you'll have to wait untill the middle of January before I can upload it. I just didn't have time to finish it before I went home for christmas.

Check out Stians website to see all his skillz :D (it's in Norwegian, but there's lots of pictures (custom DVD covers amongst others), and other goodies).


  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

    In case you haven't seen it before you might get a kick out of this:
    The Dolemite magic lives on!

  2. Sweet! I'm really looking forward to this compilation. Great cover!