Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Episode 9: Nollywood

Prevues is back! Episode 9 is finally online for your viewing pleasure! This time it is Nigerian film that´s in the focus. It´s Nollywood time! If you have no idea what Nollywood is, read up on it here.

You should also see the documentary "This is Nollywood". Trailer:

But now, here are the featured trailers in this episode, the first of season 3:
  1. Above the law
  2. After the rain comes the sun
  3. Bodyguard
  4. Bond
  5. Borderline
  6. Born again
  7. End of the river
  8. Gangster paradise
  9. Hour of grace
  10. Musketeer
  11. Okochi 1
  12. Street kid
  13. The adulteress
  14. The apple
  15. The cast away
  16. The handkerchief
  17. To love & hate
Hope I got all the titles right... About the quality: I found all these trailers in a torrent file a while back. All are ripped from VHS copies (VHS is still used in Nigeria), and they are all not good. At best, they are OK. Bodyguard is pretty fucked, but it was the funniest trailer so I decided to put it in. I´ve tried to fix the image and sound a little, but you can´t shine shit. Take it for what it is. On an iPodscreen it´s not so bad, almost good at times :)

Enjoy this 23 minutes adventure into African cinema, actually one of the biggest film industries in the world!

Download here @ 281,1Mb: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I2DB0QXL

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