Sunday, February 07, 2010

Episode 12: Totally awsome secret trailer show #1

Finally! The last episode of Season 3 is done and uploaded to the web! After this, I´m gonna take a small break while writing on my final paper at the university. Don´t know when the next episode is coming, but I have a few plans for season 4.

This episode was originally planned for christmas, but I didn´t have the time to make it. When I first started POCA, I sometimes uploaded "secret" trailers, trailers nobody knew what was before they played them, sort of a blind date with a trailer. This time, there are more, 13 to be exact. Ranging from zombies and cannibals, to von Trier and samurais. It´s a varied mix that I hope you´ll like.

So, go to: and download the episode, @ 342,41Mb. It clocks in at 29 minutes and a few seconds.

Let me know what you think of the concept.



  1. Just wanted to post a general thank you for making all these available. I love 'em! These "secret" shows are the best.