Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Episode 15: Nollywood strikes back! does Prevues! After a four month break, the trailers continue to roll! This time, it´s more Nollywood, because that was what I had at the moment. They´re fun though :)

The trailers are:

  1. 18 Months

  2. 40 days in the Wilderness

  3. Battle of the Gods

  4. Beyonce the Presidents Daughter

  5. Crime to Christ

  6. Eagles Bride

  7. Ebube

  8. Enjoyment in Hell

  9. Holy Anger

  10. Lacrima

  11. Life Incidence

  12. More than Gold 1 & 2

  13. Sister´s Love

  14. The People´s Club

Clocking in at 23 minutes and 269,55Mb, you can get the episode here:

Hopefully it´ll not be four months till next episode. Stay tuned!


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