Monday, February 14, 2011

The end

Update 23.10.12: All episodes and DVDs will be reuploaded over at The Trailer Compilation Database.

I´m closing down. Almost five years in the game, this just isn´t fun anymore. Three DVDs, 16 episodes, and three specials, almost 48000 hits, and barely any comments at all!

Thanks for those of you who have made a comment, I really appreciated it!

I´ll leave all the episodes, and DVDs up for grabs for those of you who happen to find this site.



  1. Sad to see you go - you presented us with some great trailer comps and the dvds were outstanding. But as they say: You always meet twice. Good luck for your future ventures!

  2. So sad...
    Good luck, and thanks for all

  3. Third time I try to pos this comment : I'm very sad you stop this blog.
    Good luck...

  4. Is there any chance for you to upload these trailers comps somewhere else? Unfortunately I was not that quick to grab it, and now megaupload is closed!