Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Welcome to Prevues Of Coming Attractions! Technically not coming attractions, since this site is not gonna focus on new movies. This site is dedicated to showing you some great trailers from older movies. It's sort of like a trailer-review site, where you can download the trailers reviewed. Once in a while, I'll probably do a review for a DVD too, but it'll be trailer-related.

About the name: I originally had intended a different name for the site, but that was taken. So I chose another one... also taken. Then I happened upon a cool little video on the Internet Archive. It was an old introduction to trailers that were going to be shown. Check it out here. So that is the story about the name.

The trailers will be in DivX/XviD-avi format. I had plans to make the same quality for all the trailers, but software troubles forces me to use a different program than intended, that is not the best. But the quality will not be bad. Approximatly it will be about 4Mb per minute, the width of the image 400+ pixels. The trailers will be hosted at a good server, but eventually (in August sometime) I'll probably start using torrent.

Until then, enjoy! Please feel free to leave comments!

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