Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dario Argento's Three Mothers Trilogy

Thought it was time to have some Italian horror, and who better than Dario Argento himself? Today it is the trailers for the two first parts of his Three Mothers trilogy, the third one is in the making and is going to be released this year. Oh the joy!

First is two trailers for Suspiria, and international one and one made for the American market. As always, it is funny to see how the film has been promoted differently in the different parts of the world.

International and American in one bundle, 10,5Mb.

The it is the second part Inferno, 10,7Mb.

There aren't any trailers for the third film, titled The Third Mother/La terza madre (more info here), but a little footage from the film has been released (although only 18s with a woman talking about the film, but it's better than nothing):

Looking forward to this even though Asia Argento stars in it. Maybe she'll get naked...?

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