Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cannibal Holocaust

Do I need to say more?! Didn't think so. Probably the best cannibal film ever made. No, it is THE BEST!!! If you haven't seen it yet, then DO IT NOW!!! Check out the trailer here, 9,9Mb.


  1. A masterpiece, no less. Whenever some unsuspecting, sniffy mainstream fanboy wants to see an Italian horror film, expecting cheesy entertainment, I will pull CH from the shelf. It never fails to impress ;)

    It is sad but not surprising at all, that some dumbass is planning to do a remake:

  2. I know! This is so fucking stupid, and will never work! Why do people have to make remakes of great films?!?! Why not take a bad one instead and try to make it good. This remake is doomed to fail miserably... the only good thing is that it will probably make people aware of the original. Hopefully it will get a bigger audience.