Tuesday, April 03, 2007

DVD News: Ban1 to release a Grindhouse compilation


Ban 1, who has previously released the XXX compilation SMUT PALACE INSANITY and collaborated with Synapse Films on their excellent 42nd STREET FOREVER compilations, are going to release a new compilation of Grindhouse trailers, titled GRINDHOUSE UNIVERSE.

From Jeff D. himself (taken from this thread over at the DVD Maniacs forum):

You want the best ? Your getting the best On the heels of our 42ND STREET FOREVER series(buy em now,if you dont have them) and the recent SMUT PALACE INSANITY DVD we've decided to comb the vaults again for the worst of the worst,campiest,bloodiest,sexiest trailers ever shown in any theater. GRINDHOUSE UNIVERSE will contain over 2 1/2 hours worth of exploitation goodness. More info forthcoming with the release date!

This will be a Limited edition with 1000 units only!A small taste of whats to come with GRINDHOUSE UNIVERSE: STUDENT BODY, TEASERS GO TO PARIS,MINX, RITUALS, EMMANUELE'S REVENGE, MACABRO (not Bava), DOGS,KILLER FISH, KILLER FORCE, SURVIVE,EVIL IN THE DEEP, BARRACUDA, FRIGHT, HORROR HOUSE, HONKY, KAMA SUTRA-PERFECTION OF LOVE, AMERICAN FEVER,SLAVE TRADE IN THE WORLD TODAY, SENSUOUS 3, PORNOGRAPHY IN DENMARK and much much more!! Its a monster of a dvd and no doubt our biggest collection ever! Stay tuned

I will buy this one for sure, even though I haven't heard of even one of the films ;)

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  1. Sounds great to me! I sometimes really wonder how it's possible these guys never seem to run out of trailer gems... Is it only me or has the upcoming Grindhouse double feature spawned new interest in the art of trailers among broader audiences?
    Happy Easter holidays, Jon!