Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Youtube: Grindhouse, the faux trailers

The fake trailers that is between the two movies in Grindhouse are on the web. If you haven't seen them, here they are (quality is not great):

Werewolf women of the SS (by Rob Zombie)

Thanksgiving (by Eli Roth)

This can be downloaded here, in great quality (about 63Mb).

Machete (by Robert Rodriguez)

Like the trailer?! The feature is on it's way! Great news!

Don't (by Edgar Wright)

Hobo with a shotgun (by Jason Eisener, Rob Cotterill, and John Davies)

This was the winner of the trailercompetition that RR had before Grindhouse was released.
If you want more info on the faux trailers, check out this page.


  1. My favorite faux-trailer was Hobo with a shotgun. It was one of my favorite from the SXSW grindhouse faux trailers (link goes to our list), and I think it should be made into a full-length feature... With the Trailer Park Boys of course...

  2. do you know how did the music for the 60's looking "prevue" part?

    such awesome music.

  3. Bloodee: Personally I like the Thanksgiving trailer best. The whole 70's look of it all just looks awsome. And the trampolinescene is just hilarious!

    Anonymous: I don't know who made the music, sorry. But your right about it beeing awsome!