Monday, June 11, 2007

1 year celebration: The trailers

Sorry about the wait, but here are nine trailers for you to look at. Hope you like them :)

Never thought I'd last a whole year without beeing tired of it... guess I just love them trailers! And there is more to come in the future. Right now I'm on summerbreak, and are going to take a little vacation from this blog. But I'll try to put up a trailer once in a while. I still got a few on my computer ready to being uploaded.

Check back within the week to see some prevues of what else to expect after the summer, gonna be worth it. I promise you ;)


Marihuana, 5,91Mb.
Phenomena, 8,77Mb.
Run, man, run, 12,5Mb.
The Goonies, 7,83Mb.
Axe, 8,30Mb.
Dead & Buried, 8,13Mb.
Dolemite, 8,94Mb. (An uncencored version (the audio is "bleeped" in this one when he says the F-word), can be found here, courtesy of KommisarX)
Gone with the pope, 5,54Mb. (The sequel to Massacre Mafia Style.)
Killing Zoe, 6,13Mb.


  1. Happy anniversary! Only recently, when I was watching some DVDs, I had thought of recommending the Dolemite trailer to you - guess you beat me to it. It's a laugh out loud riot!

  2. Thanks KX!

    Yes, the Dolemite trailer is great! It's been on my release list forever, but thought I should wait until now. Wonder if there is an uncencored one (without the bleeps when he curses..)

  3. Here we go, the uncensored version:

    Can't get my eyes off of that gem ;)