Friday, July 27, 2007

The End of Prevues of Coming Attractions you know it that is. With the Spider-Man trailer, I have uploaded (if I haven't counted wrong) 186 trailers or so for your viewing pleasure over the last 13 months. Over 5000 people have visited the site, not that many if you compare it to a blog that shares music and such, but I'm pleased with it. Not that many of you leave comments, but I'm okay with that to, but I wouldn't mind if you left some more though.

At the moment I don't have any more trailers ready for you. I'm taking a little holiday, and will be back in business in a little month or so. But when I come back, I come back in higher resolution! I have a pretty nice lineup with Mario Bava, Alfred Hitchcock, spaghetti westerns and more for you!

Be sure to get the trailers still available before I delete them for good!

About the DVDs I promised: Nero 7, the program I use, is not being so kind to me as I had hoped for. I have a backup, ConvertXtoDVD, although that is not as good as Nero. I continue to get errors with Nero, but I might have found a way around all the problems, so hopefully the DVDs will be finished. I will come back with more info on this when I have it.

Also, a little heads up: If you haven't checked it out yet, check out Trailers from Hell. Great site! Also recommended is 55 Bells, lots of crazy shit for your viewing pleasure. More to come in the links section to your right. I'll also remove my "clothing-business", as I still haven't found the time to put any of my ideas into life (hopefully they will come this fall. If so, I'll let you know).

I might start uploading other things after the summer, like rare and weird movies and stuff like that. I'm not promising anything, but there is a good chance... ;)


  1. Have a nice holiday! And don't forget to update us on the Thai-Bow sequel when you return!

  2. thanks man!

    yes, the thai-bow sequel... still haven't had the time for that one yet. have thought about it though, we think that it can possibly be called "The Return of Bolo Wo", but then we have to make it within the next week, and that's just not gonna happen, cause the guy who is playing Bolo is getting married in a week and I leave a few days after that... But I'll give my idea about "Enter the Thai-Bow Chick" some serious thought! ;) I have the title, only need a chick and a "story", then I'm down to business!

  3. Hell yeah, that sounds even more like a barrel of fun! "I have the title, only need a chick and a "story"" - That's the way how real masterpieces are made ;)

  4. Enjoy the break, Jon, you certainly deserve it. I look forward to your return, you do great work here.

  5. Thanks Mucknmire! Appreciate the kinds words :D

    It's actually more of a "break" that break. Can't stay completely away, so I'm cooking up some good stuff for you guys, besides the trailers (a hint is Kinnosuke Nakamura. He's probably been in lots of stuff, but he played one charachter for three years in a TV-series... guess which one and you find out what you will be able to download this fall ;)