Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hercules in New York

I'm back with Hercules in New York. Arnold Schwarzeneggers first featurefilm. It's awfull! Really, really, awfull. Anyway, check out the trailer here, 14,58Mb.

I'm trying out a new format now. The trailer is in .mp4, and can be played with at least Quick Time and VLC Player, maybe others. Please comment on the quality. Do you like it? Not? Please let me know what you think! :)


  1. Welcome back, Jon! LOL, quite a surprise, where have you dug out that one? This trailer makes the film look really watchable when in fact it's absolutely dreadful ;) I noticed some minor interlacing problem but otherwise the quality of the file is great. Are you done with divX/Xvid?

  2. Thanks! The trailer is hilarious, Ahnuld is so bad it really hurts! i got it from the DVD (released at least here in Norway).

    Don´t really know much about the programme I´m using yet, Handbrake it is called. I´m probably done with DivX/Xvid, but I might try a litte experimenting encoding the same trailer in both formats, and see if there are differences. At the moment my mac can´t take region 1 (it can, but I can only change region on the dvd 4 times, so I´ll have to find a l´sollution to that), so I have to stick with my region 2 dvds, and I don´t have so many more left of them that I haven´t already used ;)

  3. I had the same region switching problem but I am PC all the way and there are many programs out there that will do the trick. Is anydvd, dvdidle available for Mac? I've been told that rc in Mac is more so of a hassle, so good luck!

  4. I have no idea if they are available... worst case, I rip on my laptop and copy the files to the mac. I´ll find a sollution.