Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DVD News

Okey, long time once again. Sorry about that. But the good news is that I have FINALLY gotten around to do some testing, and will put up something very very soon! So please check back ;)

And now for some DVD news:

Synapse has announced the 3rd volume in their 42nd Street Forever collection. It named Exploitation Explosion. Fangoria posted some of the specs on their site:

...streeting January 29. Produced in collaboration with DVD Maniacs.net/AVmaniacs.com’s Edwin
Samuelson, the disc contains over 40 remastered (1.78:1 widescreen) vintage
previews, running nearly two hours; titles include such horror flicks as BEYOND
BLOOD BEACH, PHASE IV and more, plus other exploitation fare like SUDDEN DEATH,
PRISON GIRLS and the incomparable KING @$#! FRAT. And for the first time, the
DVD will also include an audio commentary track, by FANGORIA’s Michael Gingold
and Fango/Shock Cinema writer Chris Poggiali, plus a collection of TV spots.
Retail price is $19.95

Produced by DVD Maniacs... cool! Looking forward to this one, especially the Lightning swors of death! List of trailers are coming soon.

A new comp, this time from British company Nucleus Films. Looks to be a real winner!! Trailers on the disc (sorry about the list looking like shit. As always I'm to lazy fixing it;):

1. Movie Previews Intro2. I Drink Your Blood / I Eat Your Skin3. Blood Spattered
Bride4. Switchblade Sisters5. Caged Heat6. Eyeball7. Deranged8. The Big Doll
House9. Bury Me An Angel10. Last House on the Left11. The Streetfighter12. Ilsa
She-Wolf of the SS13. Dr Black and Mr Hyde14. Don't Open the Window15. The Human
Tornado16. Caged Virgins17. Ebony, Ivory and Jade18. Deadly Weapons19. Torso20.
They Call Her One Eye21. Death Ship22. Master of the Flying Guillotine23. They
Came from Within24. The Thing with Two Heads25. I Spit on Your Grave26. Sweet
Sugar27. Girls for Rent28. The Toolbox Murders29. The Executioner30. House of
Whipcord31. Truck Turner32. God Told Me To33. Doctor Butcher M.D.34. Children
Shouldn't Play with Dead Things35. Night of the Bloody Apes36. Blood Sucking
Freaks37. Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks38. The Single Girls39. Corpse
Grinders, The40. Zombie41. Coffy42. The Perils of Gwendoline43. Legend of the
Wolf Woman44. Satan's Sadists45. Disco Godfather46. Let Me Die a Woman47. Doll
Squad48. Secrets of Sweet Sixteen49. Cannonball50. Autopsy51. Fight For Your
Life52. Love Me Deadly53. Wham! Bam! Thank You, Spaceman54. Shogun Assassin55.
Three On a Meathook

It actually comes with subtitles! And a featurette about grinhoouse cinema. I'm getting this!

Attack of the 80s, a compilation by what appears to be a somewhat shady company called Televista. Quality on trailers are like VHS for the most part, but it is an impressing collection. Probably gonna get this one to. Trailers on disc are:

1. Porky's [1:38]2. An Eye for an Eye [1:56]3. Krull [1:32]4. Silkwood
[2:18]5. Hardly Working [:51]6. Star Wars "Return of the Jedi" [1:38]7. Tarzan
"The Ape Man" [2:40]8. Six Weeks [3:04]9. The Thing [2:00]10. Continental Divide
[2:57]11. Hard to Hold [2:48]12. Conan the Barbarian [2:14]13. Educating Rita
[2:26]14. Wholly Moses! [2:24]15. The Shining [1:37]16. Honey Suckle Rose
[1:34]17. La Cage aux Folles 2 [1:24]18. Inchon! [2:42]19. Up the Academy
[2:30]20. Some Kind of Hero [2:51]21. Personal Best [2:14]22. Reckless [1:34]23.
Divine Madness [3:23]24. The Cannon Ball Run [3:01]25. Death Wish 2 [1:59]26.
Heartbeeps [2:28]27. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas [2:41]28. The Right
Stuff [3:35]29. Hercules [1:34]30. Amityville Horror 2 "The Possession"
[2:01]31. The Last Unicorn [3:09]32. The Awakening [2:11]33. Staying Alive
[3:04]34. Lovesick [2:27]35. Easy Money [2:22]36. Victor Victoria [2:25]37. Used
Cars [1:22]38. The Rolling Stones "Let's Spend the Night Together" [2:33]39.
Yentl [1:30]40. Outland [2:52]41. The Verdict [2:24]42. No Nukes [2:58]43.
Dressed to Kill [2:15]44. Swamp Thing [1:35]45. Gloria [3:01]46. The Final
Conflict [1:55]47. The Return of Captain Invincible [2:36]48. War Games
[1:38]49. The Big Chill [2:40]50. The Road Warrior [2:55]


If you haven't seen it yet, Onar has put up their own blog here. The new DVD is announced as Casus Kiran, a new superherofilm.

The sad news is that Onars sales have dropped. Read for yourself:

So, TARZAN ISTANBUL'DA DVD is finally out. "So what?" must have been the first
response of "fans", provided they even knew about it.It came out last Friday,
October 12th and since then I was forced to re-think about Onar's future.To cut
a long story short, sales dropped even more.I managed to sell a few copies the
first day of release and since then, ZERO, NIX, NADA, CAPUT, etc.My older
releases used to have a particular dynamics. I kept selling a few items every
day for about a month and then things slowed down.Now, I sold a few dvd's for 1
day and then everything stopped.Even worse, half my wholesale clients quit
buying from me and the few that remained just ordered 3-5 dvd's for the sake of
appearances.Ok, I still have 1 good and faithful wholesale client and thanks to
him I'm still in business.So, now it's as good a time as ever to face the
reality and fight with it.Although over the past months I've been trying to
improve my products in every possible way and although I dropped the prices by
2-3 euro and although lots of people admit and appreciate it, the result is
nevertheless negative and leathal.It's obvious that there are not 1200 fans of
this genre on earth who can support me.So, I must address to the correct number
of fans that is not even 500.Now, my idea is this:I will quit pressing 1200
pieces.I will be pressing a SUPER-MEGA-LIMITED edition of 500 copies.However,
since my costs will remain the same (COPYRIGHTS- AUTHORING- SUBS- FACTORY etc) I
will have to raise the price.But since I will stick to only one wholesale
customer who will buy a small quantity and since I will have to sell the rest
alone I will be able to keep prices at a reasonable level.Normally, since all
costs will be the same while the copies will go down to 500, the prices would
have to go more than double.But now, I figure I will be able to retail them at
only 23-25 euro, while my faithful retailer will probably offer them at a
similar price.Now if you have heard of a more limited edition at a cheaper
price, go ahead and post it here!As for my previous plan of releasing 1 dvd per
month I guess it will have to be modified according to people's response.For the
moment, I'll still try to release CASUS KIRAN in November, on 1200 copies.But
after that, right now I don't know which film I must release, or when.I wish I
could afford Christmas time.I'm ready to listen to your thoughts and ideas.

Head over to the blog if you have any ideas, or even better: BUY his stuff. It's fucking GREAT!!! Can't wait till I get some money, then I'll pick up the releases I don't have yet.

And now some other blog related news:

55 Bells is gone. That sucks because it really had some cool stuff from time to time.

If you can speak (or read) Norwegian, you should check out Piknikk med døden, a new review/news/all-things-cool-site. If you can't read or speak Norwegian, you might find their interview with John Morgen interresting (it's in English). Oh, and they like Onar Films!

I will update my linkssection sometime very soon. It's good to be back!

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