Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some news about DVD's

Greetings everybody. Just thought I'd drop in and say a few words. I've ordered a new iMac, an iMac 20" 2.4GHz intel core 2 duo, that I'll arrive here tomorrow. However, tomorrow I'm going on a little holiday to Scotland, more precicely to St. Andrews. So I won't be seeing my new iMac before October 1st.

But I thought I'd give you guys some fine news from the world of DVD's:

Tarzan Istanbulda from Onar Films:

Some words from Bill over at Onar:

SEPTEMBER 14- 2007
As always, my initial plans went to hell.I thought I
would be able to have released TARZAN ISTANBUL'DA- TARZAN IN ISTANBUL by now but
there are specific reasons that I didn't:1- My early August KARANLIK SULAR
release proved to be a financial disaster. People, collectors and dealers didn't
trust this title. Why? Because they knew nothing about it. My sales dropped by
500%, believe it or not.And not only Karanlik's sales, but also ALL my other
releases have come to a grinding ugly halt.The entire August as well as
September so far, were the worst selling months of all times.Therefore, no
sales, no new dvd's in time.2- As always, new human sacrifices for my dvd's. My
new studio had found a new translator for my Tarzan release and everything was
going smoothly BUT... that poor soul fell sick and is about to die any day now!
I shudder writing these words but it's the abominable truth.So, they found a new
one who happened to be abroad when we needed her. Finally she started working
and next week the subs will be settled.If I were a pretty lady I might even sell
my body to get some cash to release the Tarzan dvd. But now, I'm praying to God
to give me some sales so that I can pay the factory in the first week of
October......................At this rate, if sales keep going to hell, I'll
have to slow down on my announced releases.Ha! What a fool... I thought I'd be
able to release 1 dvd per month.

And here's the cover:

The specs:

The first TURKISH TARZAN used to be a legend among collectors of the obscure. For the others, it simply did not exist or sounded like a joke. Now, time for the legend to turn into vivid reality. Gathering dust since 1952, this classic Turkish Cinema pioneer ended up in Onar's gentle hands. The only surviving elements were in relic-like condition but with a decent remastering the result is not bad anymore.

Country: Turkey Year: 1952

Director: Orhan Atadeniz

Actors: Tamer Balci, Hayri Esen, Necla Aygul, Cemil Demirel, Kunt Tulgar

1200 numbered copies Turkish audio with English & Greek subs Dolby Digital 2.0 Interview with Kunt Tulgar Photogallery Biographies Filmographies Trailers

Check the trailer for the movie:

Grindhouse Universe trailer compilation from Ban 1 Productions:

A word from Mike Heenan of Ban 1 from this (official) G.U. DVD thread on the DVD Manaics forum:

Unfortunately we've had yet another setback with the second
artist doing the second cover. the first guy totally flaked out on us towards
the end and gave us a file we couldn't do anything with, now we're just dealing
with someone who is extremely busy but does very good work. Cover issues aside,
the disc itself is awesome and will be well worth the wait. Unfortunately
there's no real update on the disc being available at this time, as soon as we
get the cover finalized, I'd assume about 2 to 4 weeks beyond that, which
includes it being sent for authoring and replication. Jeff or I will update when
it's available and post the artwork along with the promo trailer and pre order
info. Thanks!

Other (possibly) great news is that Dario Argentos Four Flies on Grey Velvet is finally coming to DVD!!! In this thread over at the DVD Maniacs forum, a guys has posted some nice caps from a new transfer of the film. Maybe we finally will be able to scrap all bootlegcopies...

Are they nice, or are they nice?!?!? No word on the release date yet...

I'll be back in the beginning of October... hopefully with some cool stuff for you guys!

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