Sunday, December 23, 2007

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Some of you may have seen the poll to your right. Please take the time to click on it.

I'm curious to see what operating system you use. I need to find a program so I can make archive files (like winrar) but I need something that works on both Mac and Windows. I have a program that works only on Mac, and if I can't find another one I'll have to use it sometimes. And that would suck for those of you with Windows. So that's why I'm curious of what system you have.

Does anybody know of a Mac-program that is compatible with both Mac and Windows?

UPDATE 24.12: As "Filmscore" reminded me of, I didn't think about people who might have several operating systems. Unfortunatly I'm not allowed to change the poll (damn blogger!), so I'm just gonna stiock to it. But if you are using "Mac & Windows", please click "Mac". Thanks :)

Oh, and be sure to check back tomorrow for a little x-mas gift to you all! All I can say is that it is a movie! Feature lenght. Mac and Windows compatible ;)

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  1. Perhaps you could add a "Mac & PC" choice on your poll. Myself being someone who uses both operating systems. Of course realizing that it is probably not many people. So it may be moot. Great blog though. Cheers.