Monday, December 24, 2007

The Star Wars Holiday Special

Greetings everybody! So, What have Santa Yoda brought you this X-Mas?! Well, it's nothing less than "The Star Wars Holiday Special"!!!

This horribly bad special aired only once in USA (and in a few other countries), so bad it was never aired again. Luckily for us, some kid with a Betamax player recorded the show. Good or bad, you be the judge.

It features Boba Fetts first appereance ever, in a cartoon segment. It has several scenes that includes singing, the best is in the end with Carrie Fisher... It's just.. bad. So bad. But also funny in a weird way.

Han and Chewie on their way back to Kashyyyk for Life Day.
Lumpy, Chewies son!

First appereance of Boba Fett!

Sing along in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Wife and father of Chewie.

Before you download, please check out this site, probably the most comprehensive site about the special, so you know what you are about to see. Features alle the facts you need to know, pluss a few downloads for your "enjoyment".

Technical info:

I had to split this up into three parts, each 200Mb. You will need WinRar to open, or a similar program. If you have a Mac, Unrarx is a great program. You need all three parts to extract the film.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Then all I have left to say is: Merry Christmas, and Happy Life Day to you all!


  1. Happy holidays, I hope you're having a good time! I need to catch up on your recent additions, Shane Meadows sure looks interesting. Could you fix the link for "The Last Pistolero"?

  2. Thanks! It's good to have some time off school and everything else.

    Shane Meadows really is worth the time. He has become one of my favourite directors.

    And the link to "The Last Pistolero" is fixed. Thanks for letting me know, must have been a little tired when posting it.

    Happy holidays K!

  3. The Last Pistolero, a very nice find - thanks for fixing the link!
    I definitely needed those holidays, hope you arrived well in the new year too. Are you going to give us a hint of what you are up to in 2008 *nudge-nudge* ;)

  4. The new year has been good to me. But I could have used a few more days in a warmer place. Sun and a beach would be nice ;)